Connecting Kids Across the Globe

From our Executive Director, Chris Woodruff: 

Back in December, I had the privilege of visiting a local school in DC to share about the situation for urban refugees in Bangkok, and what Life Raft is trying to do to help them. The kids really engaged, and felt a sense of outrage about what is happening. Beyond that though, they were really interested of the lives of the kids we are working with, and were eager to find ways they could help.

A few weeks after my first visit, I told them about the little school we had started in Bangkok. The kids decided to come together to get school supplies and games for our kids. When Jade, our Community Development Coordinator, came to DC in January, she was able to share even more about our work in Bangkok, and collect the supplies to take back with her to Bangkok. We were even able to take a video of the kids introducing themselves to take back to Bangkok.

When Jade took the presents back to Bangkok, our kids were so excited and grateful! They really needed new school supplies and games, and everyone in the house was so happy. Our kids loved the video of the kids in DC, and they made their own video, thanking the introducing themselves, and thanking the kids in DC.

I see this as just the beginning of really incredible relationship. I love that we can not only give kids in the United States the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of kids across the globe, but also get to know the kids they are helping. This is what we are all about: Not just providing refugees with basic necessities, but making meeting their physical needs part of a broader relationship.

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