About My Family

Note: This is another post in a series of posts from the oldest daughter in one of the families we're supporting. You can see her previous post here:  http://liferaftinternational.org/blog/my-first-night-in-my-new-home. Her story is a testament to the tireless work of her family's advocates, Dwight and Sam. Dwight and Sam, together with supporters in the States, have made things possible for this family that are unheard of for refugees in Thailand. 


We are 4 members in our family. My mum is 36 years old. She is really good at cooking. Recently she started to learn English with our advocate, Sam. She is really friendly with us and very funny.

My brother is 20 years old. In Sri Lanka he loved to play football. He is not really talkative and quite moody. He likes to watch funny videos. Now he is working in a restaurant he is happy with his work, because before he would go to work he would stay at home all day and feel very bored. When he gets a holiday from his work then he likes to go swimming with his friends.That is one thing that he enjoys most.

My sister is Fasmila and she is 12 years old. She is studying at an international school. Her favourite subject is Maths and she also loves to play game on computer. She is also a little bit like my brother and a little bit shy. Her interests are singing Christian songs and knowing stories from the Bible.

I’m 18 years old. I’m working in the same school as my sister, and help to take care of the young children. I would like to study and my favourite subjects are Maths and Art. I'm really talkative and in my spare time I like to clean and cook.