Nearing the End of the Journey!

I met Wallace this summer in Bangkok when I was visiting an English club. In our first conversation, he invited me to his home to meet his family. Wallace is just a good guy-- kind and generous. While more shy, his wife’s witty sense of humor made me feel right at home. Their three  kids were the best, though; They are a curious, energetic bunch: so eager to play and learn! They even spoke better English than their parents!

In Pakistan, Wallace had run an auto body repair shop, but he and his family had to flee to Thailand when they began to experience intense persecution for being Christian. When I met Wallace, his family was struggling to survive, getting by on a day by day basis, praying that enough generous hearts would cross their paths for them to  have money for food and rent. I took their story with me to America, and thanks to generous supporters, Life Raft was able to support them. They no longer have to worry about whether they will have enough money for food and rent.

However, up until a few weeks ago, they were still waiting on the U.N. to officially recognize them as refugees so that they could resettle in a safe country.  However they now not only have U.N. refugee status, but just a few days ago, the United States invited them to be resettled here! We are so excited--it is the answer to so many hopes and dreams. I feel so proud of Wallace's family--so close to attaining their dream, and also proud of my country, for having the smarts to accept such a wonderful family.

If you're interested in supporting Wallace's family, click here.