My First Night in My New Home.....

Check out  a work from one of the children of a family we've been supporting: I have finished all my housework and I come into my new room. When I enter the room my heart starts to talk with me.

I have freedom to let out my feelings now. I can cry, I can laugh and no-one can see.

I sat on the bed near to the window. I see the sky. I am reminded of my old room because it’s very difficult to stay in 1 room with 4 people.

I feel like I have got everything back that I lost in these past 3 years in Thailand.

The light from the moon and the stars help me to realise my feelings. I keep quiet and watch the sky and the trees for a long time and look around me at how my life is changing….

I thought how lucky I am. I never thought I would have my own room, or this life, in Thailand.

My heart filled with happiness.

I had a wonderful night after 3 years. I fell fast asleep and full of happiness in my own room.