Financial Policy of Freedom for Families Fund

Use of Funds

General donations for Freedom for Families (F4F) fund are to be used to release people from detention in Thailand. The priority is to provide money for bail, but funds may also be used to provide initial support services to families re-integrating to communities.

In addition to general donations, specific donations can also be made to people who are already on our bail candidate list. If after releasing someone on bail, the government eventually returns the bail money, that money goes back to the F4F fund

F4F Committee

F4F Committee is composed of key service providers in Thailand. Through a collaborative process, we determine who is eligible for bail, and who to prioritize using the funds for, with a focus on where bail will provide the most positive impact.

Bail Candidate List

The F4F Committee maintain a list of detainees (Bail Candidate List) who are eligible for bail. Two key components to this are government policy and available guarantors. Working from this list, and considering vulnerabilities and opportunities, the Bail Collaborative determines where to prioritize funds .

If Bail is Closed

If there is no one effectively eligible for bail, the F4F may divert funds to other programs, prioritizing helping those who have been, or are, most affected by detention policies.

Refund of Bail Money

Donations to the Bail Fund are only refundable if those funds have not been used to bail someone out of the IDC. If those funds are submitted, and the person is bailed out, it is considered a completed donation, and those funds cannot be refunded. See above, “Use of Funds” for how money is used if returned.


Freedom For Families (F4F) is a collaborative project, lead and administered as a Life Raft and Step Ahead program, with decisions made in consultation with other key service providers in Bangkok. Any decisions made must be in line with Life Raft and Step Ahead policies.